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Real Solutions for hair loss

About Us

 At Real Hair Solutions we can change your look, confidence and life. Hair loss does not have to be an emotional journey that you have to learn to live with. With todays technology you can select a hair replacement system that best suits you and your lifestyle. We offer over 20 years experience in hair loss, styling and consulting in over 3 countries including the UK, New Zealand and Australia. With fully custom made 100% human hair that is non surgical we can match your specific needs to give you a natural hair line with a full head of hair. We specialise in male pattern baldness, alopecia hair loss, hair restoration, toupee's, custom made wigs, non invasive treatments and undetectable hair systems all at affordable prices. At Real Hair Solutions clinic we can change your life by giving you the freedom and confidence to move forward. We understand that hair matters. Contact us on 0451 136 713 for a free consultation. We believe your hair is your defining feature.